If you missed any of these sessions or just wanted to grab some good notes, we’re going to link up with SlideShare to give you access to the PowerPoint presentations where possible. If you’re a speaker and have a slide deck to share, give us a shout or post a comment here!

Speakers & Topics

Capturing Light (or How Photography Works)Justin McGregor
An overview of what goes into making an image from the camera’s perspective and an explanation of what all those numbers on your camera display mean (and hopefully how understanding that can make you a better photographer).

Audio 101Justin McGregor
A look at how digital audio works and some of the tools and tricks for producing on a budget.

In Search of the Magic Social Media Bullet – Joe Spake
Developing Goals &
Not Reinventing the Wheel: Resisting the temptations of the pitches of social media gurus and developing  a plan to build customer trust. Grab the slides here.

Essential Plug-Ins for the WordPress Do-It-Yourselfer – Joe Spake
WordPress utility plug-ins and plug-ins for getting others to spread the word about your blog, sell stuff, find and add content and improve search engine optimization (SEO).

Can Your Tribe Survive?Dr. Kris Markman
Some Observations on the Life Cycles of Online Communities

This talk will highlight some of the lessons we have learned from more than 15 years of research into online communities. We’ll talk about the differences between communities of practice and communities of interest, and how that might relate to your own tribes. We’ll also look at some case studies of communities that have died, and those that have thrived. Grab the slides here.

Writing for the WebElizabeth Cawein
Writing for print and writing for the web are like two different neighborhoods in the same hometown. Knowing one like the back of your hand can help you navigate the other, but ultimately it’s different turf. We’ll talk about writing for your audience and finding your style. Grab the slides here.

Techniques That Toughen up the TribeMichael Synk
Tribes might start many different ways, but if you want your tribe to grow and sustain and make a difference, it takes more effort and technique than you think. We’ll talk about the core attributes of successful tribes discuss strategies for tribe maintenance and growth.

Incidentals in Web DesignMatt Ladner
In music, incidental sounds are interjected into otherwise regular rhythms used to bring life to a composition. Similarly, good web designers use incidental treatments to bring visual interest to interfaces. Matt will demonstrate this concept and discuss ways designers and developers can use this technique to call attention to important elements that might otherwise be overlooked in a highly structured or otherwise monotonous web site.

Nurturing the TribeDeborah Crawford
Tips on the proper care and feeding of your tribe. How authentic involvement can help you build lasting relationships with fellow tribe members. Grab the slides here.

Tribe Sourcing: A New Business ModelDave Barger
(Core Conversation/Roundtable) Dave will present the notion of Tribe Sourcing to be followed by a roundtable discussion about the concept’s potential and pitfalls.

Free! – Caitlin Woodward | Blake Palmer
A panel explores and answers questions on the emerging concept of ‘free’ as a business model, how to maintain control your online content and how you can still benefit from it when you can’t. Grab the slides here.

Facebook 101 – Amanda Mauck
Just getting started with Facebook? Learn your way around a fan page, basic tools and best practices.

Time Management – Frances Livesay
Learn to use your time more effectively. In this session you will learn simple skills to set your priorities, make your to-do lists, set your schedules and appointments to get the most from your time, and setting goals.

Twitter 101 – Elizabeth Cawein
Another one for the newbies — learn about @ replies, hash tags, DMs, trending topics, re-tweets and more, from set-up to tweet-up.

Ghost Bloggers: Who Ya Gonna’ Call? – Beena White
Many organizations are realizing that a blog is more than just an online journal. Blogs can be useful tools that can help promote messages, raise funds, generate awareness and increase sales. However, many business owners aren’t comfortable writing posts or using a blog platform. As a result, PR and marketing practitioners often take on the role of “ghost blogger” leading to an entirely new practitioner-client dynamic to be navigated.

SEO Simplified – Angela Copeland
If you have been struggling to understand search engine optimization, this workshop is for you. We will discuss both basic on-page and off-page efforts to help improve your organic search results.

Can Software Sell Itself? – Kevin Yancy
Kevin will draw from his 20 yrs of commercial software development and lead a discussion of software pricing models along with pros/cons of each. This will be a combination of case study and general discussion. The goal is not to drop a no-risk pricing model into your lap, but instead to challenge participants to think about software pricing models in a different way, even if ever so slightly. Perhaps producing something totally new and amazing!

Let’s Kill the Shaman  – David Sandy
An analysis of the internet in context as an evolutionary rather than revolutionary development. Discussion of presenter’s business plan for a sponsored non-electronic newsletter to be incorporated.”

Please email if you have an interest in being a solo or panel presenter.  Also, we’ll have “Core Conversations” which are roundtable/group discussions. If you have a topic for that type of format, let’s hear it. THANKS!