TribeCamp wrap-up

by lunaweb on April 27, 2010

Despite the deluge on Saturday, the tribes trekked out to Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering for a day of enlightenment and building connections at the inaugural TribeCamp. Now as we debrief from the event, we’re putting together resources for attendees and reaching out for your opinions on the day.

  • Check back to our topics page regularly as we link up presentations with slide decks you can download.
  • If you’re on LinkedIn, get connected with the TribeCamp event. Add yourself as a speaker or attendee and link it with your profile.
  • Get involved with our next camp! We’ll be hitting the ground running soon on planning the third annual BarCamp Memphis, happening this November. We need you involved to make this event as successful as possible. Reach out to us or get connected with BarCamp on Facebook and let us know you’re interested in joining the team.
  • Last but definitely not least, we want to know your thoughts and feedback on TribeCamp. We like to use a format called Start/Stop/Keep. Leave a comment on this post (or send us an e-mail if you’d prefer) and let us know what we should Start doing for the next camp that we didn’t do this time around, what we should Stop doing altogether that didn’t go well, and what we should Keep on the agenda for events to come. We want to make sure we’re continually sharpening and improving, so these comments go a long way in helping every event we plan be better than the one before it. Please, don’t be shy!

THE TribeCamp Schedule

by lunaweb on April 23, 2010

8 a.m. Mix-n-Mingle, Coffee, Wake-up

8:30 a.m. Opening Words – Overview – Ground Rules

9 a.m. – Session One
• Capturing Light (or How Photography Works) – Justin McGregor
• Time Management – Frances Livesay
• Techniques that Toughen up the Tribe – Michael Synk

10 a.m. – Session Two
• Audio 101 – Justin McGregor
• Ghost Bloggers: Who Ya Gonna Call? – Beena White
• Can Software Sell Itself? – Kevin Yancy

11 a.m. – Session Three
• Facebook 101 – Amanda Mauck
• What We Can Learn from the Tribe of Mommybloggers – Kalisah Hobbs Hyman
• Can Your Tribe Survive? – Dr. Kris Markman

Noon – Lunch (Cafeteria)| Tribe Review | Show & Tell

1 p.m. – Session Four
• Twitter 101 – Elizabeth Cawein
• In Search of the Magic Social Media Bullet – Joe Spake
• Free As a Business Model – Caitlin Woodward, Blake Palmer
• TribeSourcing – Roundtable Discussion – Dave Barger

2 p.m. – Session Five
• Writing for the Web – Elizabeth Cawein
• Internet as Evolutionary Rather than Revolutionary – David Sandy
• Nurturing the Tribe – Deborah Crawford
• Facebook’s New Social Plugins + Roundtable Discussion – Dave Barger

3 p.m. – Session Six
• Incidentals in Web Design – Matt Ladner
• Essential Plug-Ins for the WordPress DIY-er – Joe Spake
• SEO Simplified – Angela Copeland

3:45 p.m. – Wrap-Up | Door Prizes | Next Steps
Figure this will completely wrap-up by 4:30.